Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dog Days Are Over.

Ya know who I admire? The women who are in relationships and are completely secure with the relationship itself. No worries. No staying up late wondering what's going on through their heads. Just relaxed, no worries, be happy, chill chill happy fun times.

Then there is that rare breed of the female population. The ones who let their significant others chase women, hell, even sleep with them if the opportunity presented itself (as long as they didn't come back with herpes). I just can't wrap my head around it. I know that as a human race, we are not meant for monogamy. But I'd like to think that maybe we, as a human race, have also developed far beyond our "instinctual desires". But a part of me, kinda wishes that I were like that. Because let's face it, what man wants an uptight girlfriend/wife that is so worried about what they are doing when they aren't around? I know that I'm personally like that due to having a Borderline personality. Then again, I guess that's no excuse but it's harder for me than for the normal person you could say.

I wish I could be the "perfect" whatever. Girl? I don't know.

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