Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Art of Fetish

Everyone has a fetish.

Feet, Heels or boots, Piercings, Leather, etc. I could probably name a few more that are quite bizarre. Necrophilia probably being one of the most recognizable.

My personal fetish (and come on now...we all have one) would be a person's hands. There is something about hands that tell you more about a person than their eyes, at least in my opinion. The texture, bone structure, markings, lines, temperature, even color of the nail beds can tell you about a person's soul.

If you told me to remember a past boyfriend's eyes, it would actually be rather difficult. Don't get me wrong--I love eyes. A person's eyes can certainly reveal many mysteries of a person. However, I have a hard time looking into a person's eyes. It makes me uncomfortable. But if you told me to remember their hands, that is something I most certainly could do with ease. I have taken pictures of some of their hands even and sketched them later. Even if the relationships didn't work out in the end, I still admired their hands as a work of art.

My hands are actually my favorite part about myself. Something I have always admired (even though my nails are uneven, I have blue fingernail beds from poor blood ciruclation and they are quite bony looking). My mother doesn't like my hands and has often called them "ugly" even though she is only joking. It's how my mother and I function. She typically dubs them the "Tale of the Crypt" hands. For some strange reason, I have always found that to be a compliment.

Don't be ashamed of having a fetish. A fetish is a work of art and can sometimes even be beautiful. Unless it's feces, vomit, or having sexual intercourse with a corpse.


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  2. Perhaps those things aren't beautiful to you, but that doesn't mean they beautiful aren't to anyone. All adjectives are a matter of opinion. I agree with your opinion in this particular instance, but someone won't =P. Someone out there probably likes feces, vomit, or necrophilia just as much as you enjoy hands. So it all fetish are still a work of art, including those you don't personally approve. =P

    comments need an edit button >.>

  3. LOL Smith, it was meant for humorous purposes ;P